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7 Psychic Vampire Signs: How Psychic Assaults Work


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Mar 22, 2024
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In Half 1 of this sequence, we discover the world of the vampire archetype, particularly the vitality vampire.

Right here in Half 2, we’ll take a better have a look at psychic vampire signs, together with the widespread indicators that signify we’re underneath assault.

We’ll additionally study how psychic vampires work on an unconscious stage.

Let’s dive in …

What are Psychic Vampires?​

A vampire is an archetype within the collective unconscious. This archetype has quite a few variations together with the emotional, energetic, and psychic vampire. All of those variations draw psychic vitality from a person.

That’s, life drive vitality is transferred from one particular person to a different, however not vice versa.

This psychic phenomenon manifests as a operate of psychological trauma. That’s, trauma invitations this archetypal drive into the psyche after which “possesses” the person.

7 Potential Psychic Vampires Signs​

Please understand that a phenomenon like psychic vampires happens at an archetypal and due to this fact principally unconscious stage.

In case you don’t keep conscious of this, you may simply make it “private,” which can solely set off different archetypal patterns inside your psyche. (For instance, you’ll develop into the “helpless sufferer” or “harmless one” archetype.)

The bottom line is to easily observe this sort of psychic phenomenon from a state of neutrality.

How have you learnt if an vitality vampire has stolen your gentle and vitality?

Listed below are seven potential psychic vampire signs:

Signal 1: Power Emotions of Fatigue​

Once you work together with a selected individual, you’re at all times left feeling drained whereas they really feel energized.

Be aware: Carl Jung famous that extroverts draw vitality from others whereas introverts draw vitality from themselves. So at a really primary stage, extroversion may be interpreted as a type of psychic vampirism. Nonetheless, right here, we’re inspecting extra of the acute instances.

Signal 2: Intense Emotions of Self-Doubt​

After participating with a psychic vampire, you wrestle with sturdy emotions of self-doubt and lack confidence at an nearly insufferable stage.

Signal 3: Unusually Poor Self-Picture​

You hate your self within the mirror otherwise you reject your self-image fully whereas the psychic vampire is obsessive about their picture (for instance, on social media).

Signal 4: Unrelenting Emotions of Disgrace and Guilt​

It’s regular to really feel disgrace and guilt for sure behaviors, however once you’re within the subject of a psychic vampire, that feeling of disgrace and guilt is extremely elevated; it turns into pervasive, persistent, and unrelenting.

Signal 5: A Fixed Feeling of Lack​

In comparison with the psychic vampire, you’re feeling like you don’t have anything. Actually, a theme of lack could run by a lot of your life expertise (whereas the opposite individual experiences “abundance”.)

Signal 6: Frequent Emotions of Inadequacy​

Once you’re round this archetype, you’re feeling utterly insufficient and incompetent.

Signal 7: A Prevailing Sense of Impending Doom​

A sense of impending doom is usually an unconscious response to a psychic assault. When the physique’s vitality subject is being invaded or drained, it might really feel like “life is over” and that there’s “no cause for dwelling.” Neurotic concern, once you really feel immobilized and unable to take motion, may very well be one other associated signal of a psychic assault.


There are lots of different psychic vampire signs, and simply since you’re experiencing any or all the above, doesn’t essentially imply there’s a psychic vampire in your midst. Discernment, as at all times, is critical.

However most of us can relate to the above experiences to various levels.


Philip Burne-Jones – The Vampire (1897)

Psychic Vampire Signs and Indicators inside Households​

In case you wrestle with excessive ranges of self-doubt whereas your sibling or mother and father are bustling with confidence, greater than probably, you’re underneath the affect of the Black Sheep archetype.

You have got unknowingly develop into the psychic dumping floor for these round you.

This can be a very widespread phenomenon (additionally associated to the orphan archetype) that happens in lots of houses, particularly these with a number of siblings. One sibling excels to a excessive diploma whereas the others languish.

On the floor, this may increasingly appear as if “wholesome competitors,” however should you study the household dynamics extra carefully, one youngster is caught enjoying the black sheep.

The answer to this psychic dynamic is to reclaim your “internal gold”—that’s, to remember your projections.

6 Methods Psychic Vampires Draw Our Life Drive​

Okay, now let’s study among the methods the psychic vampire archetype operates.

Briefly, these strategies embody:

  1. Manipulation
  2. Intimidation
  3. Contact
  4. Emotional Evocation
  5. Psychic Assaults (directed thought)
  6. Seduction

Finally, all of those methods characterize further psychic vampire signs. For instance, when somebody is intimidating you, psychically, in addition they making an attempt to steal your gentle.

Bear in mind, the objective right here is to extend our consciousness of what’s taking place beneath the floor.

Tactic 1: Manipulation​

I’ve come to view reward as a extremely harmful psychological sample in fashionable tradition.

Reward is difficult as a result of our minds affiliate optimistic attributes with it. Dad and mom be ok with themselves after they reward their youngster’s character. And the inflated youngster feels good when praised.

The shadow implications behind reward, nevertheless, are monumental. We’ve already realized from psychologist Carol Dweck’s analysis that character praising fosters a set mindset that impairs a baby’s skill to study and develop all through life.

However from my expertise, that is just the start. The unconscious intention behind most types of reward is manipulation. That’s, the Trickster archetype makes use of reward as a software to get others to do what it desires in addition to to steal their gentle.

What do I imply? Let’s have a look at some examples …

Praising Kids​

Dad and mom reward their kids to get them to behave in a sure method.

We frequently increase Excessive-Chair Tyrants by “serving” our youngsters, after which we don’t know how one can deal with the tyrant’s calls for.

However by praising the tyrant, and telling them they’re “good,” we’re subtly forcing them to repress this internal tyrant archetype.

Then, they develop into extra compliant and repress points of the tyrant. This repression helps clarify why the shadow in most people grows giant by age 18.

Praising Adults​

Real adults don’t search or want reward. As mature adults, we do what we do as a consequence of what we’re.

The kid in us, nevertheless, may need been conditioned for reward. So if somebody praises us for one thing we’re doing—for instance, for being beneficiant, diligent, or disciplined—it might activate a baby archetype inside us.

Magically, these innate qualities start to depart us. Then, we battle with self-discipline and important pondering, and we don’t know why.

With the Youngster in cost, most of us act for the approval of others—not by our “internal directive.” In psychology, that is referred to as being pushed by extrinsic as a substitute of intrinsic motivations.

If the kid stays on the forefront of 1’s consciousness, it means the Puer Aeternus archetype is in management. That is generally known as the Everlasting Youngster or Peter Pan syndrome.

In search of approval creates an unhealthy dependency on others, stripping us of the qualities of maturity: autonomy, duty, and internal energy.

Reward has a manner of triggering the Harmless One archetype in us that then falls prey to the Manipulator in others. The Harmless One and the Manipulator are bipolar shadows of the Magician archetype.

Tactic 2: Intimidation​

Archetypes just like the Sadist, or its youthful counterpart, the Bully, love utilizing intimidation to attract vitality and lightweight from others. At its core, the bully is an vitality vampire.

In a “civilized” tradition, intimidation isn’t at all times blatant. As a substitute, this type of aggression expresses itself by unconscious cues: a fast downward look, crossing the arms, a threatening tone of voice, a delicate smirk, or an air of conceitedness.

The widespread time period for this psychic vampire signal is “gaslighting” and it’s terribly pervasive in immediately’s society—on a world scale.

When somebody places one other individual down (judges them), they’re making an attempt to steal their gentle. When somebody unconsciously tells you, “Not for you,” they’re making an attempt to psychically steal from you. (For instance, “You’ll personal nothing and be completely satisfied.”)

This type of energetic and psychic vampirism most frequently happens when a person has a number of repressed envy, concern, and anger.

When an individual sees one thing they need in one other, and so they can’t totally acknowledge their want, envy, or jealousy, they’ll unconsciously attempt to steal it from them.

Tactic 3: Contact​

This psychic vampire signal is like one thing out of science fiction. I’d by no means have believed it was legitimate earlier than growing energetic sensitivity by varied qigong and neigong practices.

Whereas qigong is in regards to the cultivation of life drive or chi vitality, there are darkish artwork methods for stealing vitality from others. I as soon as met a seasoned qigong practitioner who claimed to have first-hand accounts of those darkish arts.

Even with essentially the most light contact (or simply proximity) one can steal vitality from one other and block the circulation of vitality in others as nicely. These patterns are quintessential of the psychic vampire.

Do you recall as a baby, not eager to be hugged by your mother and father or different relations after they came visiting for the vacations?

Dad and mom usually disgrace their kids for this conduct. (“Go hug your grandmother.”) As a consequence, many people neglect about our pure aversion to hugging.

However the actuality is that almost all children don’t need to hug and it’s not as a result of they’re being nasty, unloving, or uncaring.

Consciously, they don’t know why, but it surely’s as a result of they’re nonetheless extra intuitively related to their vitality subject. Their unconscious (physique) is telling them to keep away.

How Dad and mom Unknowingly Take Vitality From Their Kids​

In case you’re a guardian, have you ever ever come residence from a foul day at work and couldn’t wait to hug your youngster?

Do you’re feeling like hugging and being round your child(s) immediately makes you’re feeling higher? Have you ever mirrored on why that may be so?

Dad and mom steadily “steal” the vitality from their kids by hugs, kisses, and touching (with out figuring out it, in fact).

Kissing a baby on the highest of the pinnacle, for instance, is one widespread manner to attract their vitality.

energy vampire signs

Baihui Level on the crown of the pinnacle

The crown of the pinnacle is known as the baihui level in Chinese language drugs and the Taoist arts. The baihui level is the non secular entry level for an individual’s larger consciousness as nicely.

One other manner mother and father and elders psychically steal the vitality of youngsters, particularly infants, is thru their toes.

Consciously, a mom would possibly kiss a child’s foot as a result of “it’s so cute.” Unconsciously, nevertheless, they’re drawing vitality from the kid’s major entry level, referred to as K1 in acupuncture, Yongquan, or the effervescent nicely.

energy vampires symptoms

Yougquan or Effervescent Effectively Level

In case you’re a guardian, once you really feel such as you’re drained or experiencing emotional imbalance, contemplate staying away from your children till you restore your self.

Kids have significantly extra vitality than adults (extra Jing or life essence and Yang Chi), so it’s pure for adults to habitually go to “energize” themselves after they really feel depleted.

Watch Out for Anger, Guilt, or Disgrace​

In case you’re a guardian studying this, it’s straightforward to get indignant about what was expressed above (representing a shadow set off) or really feel guilt and disgrace, even perhaps a sense of hopelessness.

Do not forget that everybody unconsciously engages in these psychic actions: your mother and father did it to their mother and father … on and on all through historical past. These psychic vampire signs are archetypal, not private.

The concept right here is to convey what’s taking place unconsciously to consciousness. As you start to detect and observe this sort of psychic phenomenon, you’re already on the highway to altering this unconscious archetypal sample.

Merely begin from the place you’re proper now. The previous is previously.

Tactic 4: Emotional Evocation​

The first objective of psychic vampires is to set off an emotional response—the extra intense the emotion, the stronger the energetic cost.

Weaponizing Empathy​

Disgrace and guilt are two of essentially the most potent weapons a psychic vampire can use to sap your life drive.

  • How may you…
  • You must know higher…
  • Who do you suppose we’re…

Phrases like these can collapse your energetic system, leaving you inclined to additional psychic assaults.

Official narratives and propaganda usually use this tactic consciously.

When officialdom desires to alter the behaviors of the plenty, they use campaigns that affiliate disgrace and guilt with the previous behaviors. (Your entire “inexperienced agenda” is an expression of this sort of psychic assault.)

Additionally they evoke outrage to control folks and throw them out of stability.

Irritate, Annoy, Shock, and Shock​

One other tactic psychic vampires use consists of irritating an individual, in addition to shocking, stunning, or terrifying them.

Once more, with infants (who’re like infinite balls of vitality), past the perceived innocence of video games like peek-a-boo, there’s a darker shadow intent.

Stunning, stunning, and tickling are efficient patterns of the psychic vampire archetype. How?

Tickling itself is a behavioral sample of the sadist archetype. It’s a type of torture, particularly for a helpless child who can’t escape or defend itself.

In case you look carefully (and with neutrality) within the eyes of a child or youngster as you tickle them, you will note concern. Conversely, should you fastidiously observe within the eyes of the tickler, you’ll see a Sadist.

In case you doubt that tickling induces concern, go to tickle a baby and watch their shoulders. The kid’s shoulders instantly rise.

And even higher, think about somebody tickling you. Discover the strain round your kidneys and the muscle groups surrounding your backbone.

All of those indicators relate to the physiology of concern. In the dead of night arts, should you can evoke concern, it’s simpler to psychically drain an individual’s vitality.

Tactic 5: Psychic Assaults​

Some of the widespread instruments of psychic vampires is the direct use of thought varieties. A vampire will ship “psychic alerts” directed at a selected particular person.

Though we would choose to imagine that our ideas are personal, this merely isn’t the case. As Nobel laureate Sir John Carew Eccles found many years in the past, the thoughts is sort of a sending and receiving heart.

Ideas as a Directed Weapon​

We’ve all skilled an individual from our previous getting into our stream of consciousness. These experiences aren’t random. Typically, this happens as a result of the opposite individual is considering you.

Within the case of psychic vampires, they’ll repeatedly direct damaging ideas and ailing needs towards you. The problem right here is that the person sending these damaging ideas is usually unaware of it.

Once more, this sort of psychic assault is most frequently unconscious. Take into account that roughly 95% of ideas happen beneath our aware radar.

In witchcraft, there are particular spells which can be used to psychically draw vitality from others. As a result of we’re principally unconscious of this occult data, the archetypes inside us can conduct these practices with out our consciousness.

Worrying as a Delicate Type of Psychic Vampirism​

For instance, somebody who usually worries about one other individual (together with a mom) is probably going unconscious of how part of them needs one other hurt (maybe from being unconscious of their resentment).

Part of this individual consciously desires the person they’re worrying about to be secure or cautious, whereas one other disowned half would possibly need them to get hit by a automotive.

The person, nevertheless, is just aware of the optimistic intention as a result of they haven’t built-in their shadow but.

Tactic 6: Seduction​

We already coated seduction as a type of psychic assault in Half 1 on vitality vampires.

Fashionable tradition is obsessive about picture and sexual attraction. (This can be a huge subject that deserves separate remedy.)

The extreme want for sexual attraction in a person is basically an expression of trauma and previous psychological wounds. Social media, and maybe the Web basically, appear to be amplifying this sort of trauma.

Therapeutic these psychic wounds is a mandatory a part of internal work as one strikes towards mature maturity.

The Masochist and the Addicted Lover archetype is the counterpart to the Seductress. That’s, whereas the seductress (or Succubus archetype) desires to empty your vitality, the Masochist is a keen participant.

Methods to Cease Being a Psychic Vampire​

Step one is to understand that vampirism is a psychic reality. That’s, psychic vampires categorical a common archetypal sample inside the psyche.

At some stage, everyone seems to be a psychic vampire.

That’s, underneath the precise circumstances, we’re every inclined to unconsciously stealing vitality and lightweight from others by way of the vampire archetype.

But it surely’s additionally correct to say that nobody is a psychic vampire.

Vampires, witches, and warlocks are archetypal forces that abide in us, but it surely’s not what we’re.

If we stay unconscious of them, nevertheless, they’ll function inside us whether or not we wish them to or not.

The important thing, then, is to develop into aware of those archetypal forces inside us.

Methods to Domesticate Your Life Drive Vitality​

So right here’s the excellent news: there are strategies for cultivating life drive vitality inside us.

Qigong and Nei Gong characterize huge methods of theories and practices designed to open up your physique’s vitality channels and domesticate the vitality working by you. In case you’re new to qigong, I counsel you discover a native class taught by a talented practitioner.

A foundational follow in lots of qigong methods is known as Zhan Zhuang, or standing like a tree.

By way of this follow, you learn to align your posture, sink your thoughts into your physique, and consolidate your vitality.

Of the numerous completely different types and methods I’ve studied, Zhan Zhuang has had essentially the most affect on me bodily, mentally, and emotionally.

You may get began with this in-depth, newbie’s information to Zhan Zhuang right here.

In case you’re serious about further sources, I like to recommend Lam Kam Chuen’s The Way of Energy and Damo Mitchell’s Daoist Nei Gong as glorious entry factors into this subject.

Ought to You Defend Your self From Psychic Vampires?​

Total, I don’t like the thought of “safety” from emotional, energetic, or psychic vampires. This notion can evoke pressure and concern.

Concern is how vitality vampires feed on us within the first place. Concern opens the doorway to a psychic assault.

Once you’re within the Heart—impartial, light-hearted, open, calm, alert, and free—psychic vampires can do you no hurt. All the psychic vampire signs fall away.

Unconscious and repressed feelings, nevertheless, make it tough to remain impartial.

So first, develop higher emotional consciousness so we are able to extra readily join with how we’re feeling within the second.

If we aren’t conscious of what’s taking place and the way a psychic vampire is making an attempt to hook us, there’s not a lot we are able to do.

The Harmless One, the passive shadow of the Magician archetype, desires to imagine everybody (particularly these closest to us) is only good. Once we determine with this innocence, we definitely received’t see what’s taking place within the shadows.

Methods to Defend Your self from Psychic Vampire Signs​

That mentioned, what are you able to do once you observe the psychic vampire indicators listed above?

Listed below are 5 strategies price experimenting with:

  1. Floor your self. Root your self in your physique and join it to the earth.
  2. Smile inwardly at your coronary heart. Loosen up as a lot as attainable.
  3. Place one or each fingers over your navel area. This hand place creates an brisk seal.
  4. Personal your area. Everybody has an brisk subject that extends out round them. Once you root your self in your subject, solely essentially the most aggressive vampires will try to interrupt it.
  5. Attempt a safety mudra. There are some hand positions utilized in Buddhist and Hindu traditions to offer psychic safety. For instance:

energy vampirism

Maybe the only greatest method to beat back psychic assaults is to remain impartial. Maintain to the Heart.

Have Questions or Feedback about Psychic Vampire Indicators?​

Please use the remark part on the backside of Half 1: The Final Information to the Vampire Archetype.
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