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Methods to Select a Hockey Stick


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Mar 22, 2024
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It’s the hockey stick by which the participant manipulates the puck and dictates the movement of the sport. It should complement the play type, abilities, and bodily traits of the participant.

As such, selecting a hockey stick can appear daunting. Nevertheless, as this text will present, it’s comparatively easy to pick out a hockey stick that fits your physique, play type, and price range.

The Anatomy of a Hockey Stick​

A hockey stick includes two main elements – the shaft and the blade. The shaft is the lengthy, straight higher a part of the stick, sometimes 150 to 200 cm in size, which is held by the participant. The shaft can range in size, cross-sectional form, flexibility, and, importantly, kick level. These might be coated intimately later on this article.

The blade is the slender decrease a part of the stick, hooked up to the underside of the shaft at an angle of round 135°. The blade is used to contact the puck. The blade consists of the heel, which lies closest to the shaft, and the toe, which lies farthest from the shaft.

The blade’s face is the ahead facet of the blade, and is curved to allow simpler dealing with of the puck. The lie of the blade describes the angle between the shaft and the blade, and is usually decided by the peak of the participant and whether or not they choose controlling the puck nearer to, or farther from, the physique.

A hockey stick could also be bought with the shaft and blade as separate elements (a two-piece mannequin), however extra generally will come as a one-piece mannequin. A one-piece stick comes with each blade and shaft already fused, and can sometimes be extra balanced, lighter, present higher really feel for the puck, and allow more durable photographs.

A “true” one-piece is a stick whose blade and shaft weren’t constructed individually after which fused, however fairly was produced in a single piece. These are sometimes top-of-the-line sticks, and supply even larger advantages in weight and dealing with.

Selecting a Stick: Preliminary Issues​


The primary consideration for an absolute newbie on the sport can be the handedness of the stick. Handedness is set based mostly on the hand lowest on the shaft; gamers who maintain the persist with the appropriate hand beneath the left are subsequently right-handed, and vice versa.

Many freshmen may have already performed another bat, racquet, or stick sport, and it’s normally the case that their pure handedness in hockey would be the similar as in these sports activities. This isn’t all the time true, nonetheless, and in all circumstances, probably the most pure and cozy possibility is usually the right one. Having the ability to deal with and check a stick in particular person is critical in case you are not sure about your personal handedness.


As with all purchases, price range is commonly the principle consider deciding on a stick. For these enjoying a number of instances every week or at extra aggressive ranges, a dearer stick may present extra worth. Nevertheless, this issue is essentially a private alternative, and there’s no price range that inherently matches a selected frequency or degree of play.

Funds will have an effect on the standard of supplies and building out there to you, however whatever the worth you pay, it’s potential to discover a stick at practically any worth level with the appropriate options on your sport.


Hockey sticks had been as soon as made completely from wooden, however most sticks used within the NHL are actually constructed from carbon fiber. The most typical supplies used at present throughout all ranges of play are carbon fiber, fiberglass, and wooden. Many sticks are produced with a mix of those supplies, with some incorporating Kevlar, aluminum, and different extra unique elements.

Whereas picket sticks are nonetheless an possibility, carbon fiber or composite sticks are practically universally superior in most facets. Wood sticks normally comprise a number of layers of wooden, sometimes of several types of wooden, that are fused to kind a laminate plywood. Many trendy picket sticks use fiberglass both as an extra laminate between wooden layers or as a coating.

Wood sticks are common for his or her low value and higher sturdiness, particularly for freshmen. Proponents additionally argue that they provide a greater really feel for the puck. Nevertheless, they’re additionally heavy, and susceptible to inconsistency because of warping and variability in manufacturing high quality since wooden is a pure materials.

Carbon fibre is by far the most typical materials used within the NHL and in higher-end sticks because of their gentle weight, in addition to their predictable stiffness traits (which might be simply and reproducibly manipulated throughout manufacturing). As with picket sticks, carbon fiber sticks usually incorporate fiberglass. Nevertheless, the excessive value and relative fragility of this materials make it a much less common alternative for these on a price range.

One-Piece or Two-Piece?​

Sticks might be bought in two separate items, the blade and the shaft. This may be cheaper since a damaged blade or shaft might be changed independently of the opposite half, whereas the identical state of affairs in a one-piece stick would necessitate the alternative of all the stick. Nevertheless, two-piece sticks can loosen over time, negatively affecting the efficiency of the stick.

Options to Contemplate: The Shaft​

Stick Size​

The standard technique of figuring out if a stick is the right size is to have the participant stand with out skates, with the toe of the blade on the ground between their ft. On this place, with the shaft vertical, the top of the shaft ought to lie roughly on the nostril.

The size can range by participant desire, however normally solely as much as the eyes and never under the chin. This desire is generally related to play type – longer sticks make energy photographs and defensive maneuvers simpler, whereas shorter sticks enhance dealing with and quickness of launch. If you’re not sure, it’s safer to purchase an extended stick since it might probably all the time be trimmed later.

Kick Level​

The kick level of a stick is the a part of the shaft that bends probably the most throughout capturing and passing. Most sticks classify their kick factors in one in every of three classes: excessive, mid, and low. Discovering the appropriate kick level for you is the primary precedence when shopping for a hockey stick, due to how a lot it influences the habits of the stick when passing and capturing.

Kick level is strongly related to play type. A low kick is good for gamers who favor fast puck launch, on the expense of energy and vary, similar to fast shooters who play near the web. Low kick factors sometimes present higher dealing with and really feel because of the lowered vary of movement of the blade.

Then again, gamers preferring enjoying arduous slap photographs or highly effective wrist photographs normally go for a excessive kick level. Lastly, a mid-kick level presents versatility for gamers who use a combination of highly effective and fast photographs.

Some sticks supply a customized kick level, which refers to a persist with a large kick level space that flexes in another way relying on the place the participant locations their backside hand. The upper the hand, the decrease the kick level. For gamers who need extremely controllable versatility, this generally is a nice possibility.

Grips and Stick Contours​

Sticks can include a grip or with no grip on the shaft. This impacts management, particularly when capturing. Non-grip shafts allow simple sliding of the underside hand throughout dealing with, which improves management of the puck. Nevertheless, a grip usually improves energy throughout capturing by maximizing pressure switch by the stick.

Shaft contouring describes the geometry of the corners and partitions of the shaft. Most sticks have sq. or rounded corners, with the previous offering extra grip however much less consolation. On square-cornered sticks, the shaft partitions might be both straight or concave.

For freshmen, dealing with several types of grips and contour sorts is vital for locating probably the most comfy and pure variant.

Shaft Flex​

Shaft flex is a measure of how a lot a hockey stick bends. It’s given because the kilos of pressure, utilized to the middle of the shaft, required to bend a stick by one inch. A decrease quantity corresponds to a extra versatile stick. Weight, power, and play type are the principle components when deciding on the correct amount of flex.

The standard start line is a flex ranking equal to half the participant’s physique weight. From there, play type and strength-related changes might be made. Stiffer sticks are widespread for stronger or extra skilled gamers, who can totally bend and maximize the slingshot impact that an optimally flexed stick gives, in addition to for defencemen and players who prefer slap shots. Versatile sticks are favored by forwards and playmakers who want extra management and velocity when passing, dealing with, and capturing.

Options to Contemplate: The Blade​

Blade Sample​

The blade is designed to regulate the puck throughout dealing with, capturing, and passing. The blade sample (also called blade curve) describes its particular form, diploma of curve, and dimension. There may be all kinds of blade patterns, although the variations between them are sometimes refined. Nonetheless, these variations can have an effect on dealing with and capturing to a surprisingly massive extent. As with many different components, the appropriate blade sample is generally determined by private desire and play type.

There are three primary facets to a blade sample – curve kind, curve depth, and face angle. The curve kind describes the a part of the blade with the best quantity of curvature. Usually, that is divided into three classes. A toe curve blade has most of its curvature within the third of the blade closest to the toe, a heel curve blade has most of its curvature within the third closest to the heel, and a mid-curve blade has most of its curvature within the center third.

Curve depth is equally subdivided into slight, reasonable, or deep, with the latter having probably the most aggressive quantity of curvature. It is very important observe the laws of any competitions you want to participate in, since curve depth is normally restricted to a selected restrict. Usually, straighter blades give extra management, since extra curvature makes the angle of contact between the blade and puck extra variable.

Lastly, face angle describes the angle between the floor of the ice and the entrance of the blade. An open, or lofted, face is extra upwardly angled, which lifts the puck off the ice extra, which might be good for taking photographs at purpose which might be more durable to cease.
hockey stick on ice with puck

hockey stick on ice with puck

The Lie Angle​

The lie angle of a stick is the angle between the shaft and the blade at their level of connection. This impacts how vertical the shaft is when the stick is held with all the backside edge in full contact with the ice, as it’s designed for use. The lie is given as a quantity between 4 and eight, with 8 having the smallest angle.

The lie impacts how far the blade is held from the physique and is normally chosen based mostly on participant top and skating type. A persist with a decrease lie worth (i.e., a bigger angle) is held farther from the physique, which in flip implies that puck dealing with is carried out farther from the participant.

Taller gamers or gamers preferring to skate upright will usually favor a better lie, which retains the stick extra upright and the puck near the physique. Shorter gamers, or gamers preferring to skate at an angle, will choose a decrease lie.

For intermediate gamers, figuring out in case your present stick has the right lie on your top and play type is sort of easy. Uneven put on on the underside fringe of the blade signifies that your lie angle will not be the very best for you. Extra put on on the heel implies {that a} decrease lie (bigger angle) might be higher, whereas put on on the toe may imply {that a} greater lie (smaller angle) can be an enchancment.

For freshmen, this may be simulated by holding a stick in a single’s pure skating place and observing the blade. If the blade is flat on the ground, the chosen lie is right. If the heel is off the bottom, a better lie quantity (smaller angle) is critical, and if the toe is off the bottom, a decrease lie quantity (bigger angle) can be finest.

Stick It to ‘Em​

Although there are lots of components that come into play when choosing the proper hockey stick, lots of them might be determined by taking fundamental measurements of your physique or just holding a couple of sticks and getting a really feel for them. For the extra advanced facets of hockey sticks, similar to shaft and blade geometry, your most well-liked place and play type must be thought of.

The excellent news is that, apart from supplies and building, most variations usually are not restricted to these with greater budgets. There’ll virtually all the time be a persist with the precise specs you want. Though the multitude of options could seem daunting, taking the time to determine the very best ones for you’ll guarantee you can play to your highest potential.
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